How large is the Agile fleet?


There are five Pilatus PC-12 NG planes in the Agile fleet.

How many passengers can the aircraft accommodate?


The Agile aircraft can accommodate up to nine passengers at any one time.

Can I still access my baggage in-flight?


Yes. The luggage compartment is pressurized and heated to ensure you have access to everything you need in-flight.

Can I walk around during flight?


Passengers are free to unbuckle once airborne to access luggage, serve themselves a beverage of choice, and use the restroom.

Are there meals onboard?


Yes. When you plan your trip with us, we discuss any dietary requirements or preferences to ensure your meal is catered to your personal tastes. The meal will be ready for you to take onboard when you arrive.

Can I bring food onboard?


Yes. Feel free to bring food and drink, including alcohol, onboard.

What is the range of the aircraft?


A trip from Sydney to Cairns, which is approximately 1960km or 1060 nautical miles, can be made without stops with a light load (2-4 passengers). This trip typically takes 4.5 hours.

Do you fly internationally?


At this stage, Agile only flies within Australia. International flights may be introduced in the foreseeable future.

Has Agile ever had any accidents or incidents?


No. Our safety record is excellent.

What happens if I need to change my flight plans or I’m running late?


The beauty of flying with Agile is the ease of flexibility. Provided changes are kept within flight and duty time regulations, last minute changes to travel plans can be catered for up to 30 minutes before departure.


NB: Capital city airports require specific time bookings that will need to be factored into changes to travel plans.

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