We live in Melbourne and my 2 boys play rugby for a Melbourne Club that participates in the NSW state underage trails. I had business in Sydney on Friday and needed to get my sons to  Orange in regional NSW for kick off early Saturday. Regional airline options were limited, convoluted and costly. A charter seemed a bit over the top for a boys rugby tournament but it was surprisingly cost effective and could be scheduled to suit us. In the end it was the best solution and Agile made sure it was a pleasant stress free trip.  The boys arrived fresh, ready to play and we had a great tournament . I’m now thinking about using Agile for business trips to western Sydney.

Your time is valuable

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, your time is a non-refundable expense. When traveling to a remote location, a commercial airline may not have the ability to take you close enough to your final destination. Taking connecting flights and long drives to and from the airport aren’t always a viable option when you’re time poor – and they may end up costing more in
the long-run.

The beauty of the Pilatus PC-12 NG is its ability to land on a range of surfaces unavailable to other aircraft, such as paved runways, gravel, grass and dirt. The high-performance PC-12 NG aircraft turboprop delivers enough payload to take-off and land on some of the shortest runways, opening you up to a world of incredible experiences inaccessible to other aircraft. We know your time is valuable. Let us make the most of it.

Economies of scale

When you do the math, it may make more sense to fly private as a group. Perhaps you’ve planned a remote buck’s weekend away, or you’re flying an executive group to a remote client or business location. When you take into account the value of your own personal time or your team’s billable hours, flying privately and direct makes sense.

Consider the cost savings to a group when your itinerary is planned and executed specifically for your journey. You’ll be picked up and driven to the tarmac, where you’ll immediately board the plane. No queues or security checks. When you’re ready to fly, you’ve got the entire cabin to yourself; and when we land, you’re driven to your final destination. Get where you need to be, sooner – and potentially for less.

The right choice

When you fly with Agile, every trip is unique. That’s why we map out a personal itinerary for every journey. If you’d like to know how cost-effective your next flight by private aircraft could be, get in touch and tell us where you’d like to go. Our team will put together a bespoke travel itinerary that gets you exactly where you need to be, from pick up to final destination.
That’s the right choice.

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